We have set our sights on building grassroots support and winning the WP Premier League title and to win the South African and African Club Championship.

Chess in South Africa needs strong leaders with integrity to take us to the heights where chess can be visibly seen to have risen. Our Motto is with Unity to Prosperity and we unite ourselves under the motto of Fide “Gens una sumas” We are all one family.

Junior Group


Steinitz chess club has decided that it is time to start a junior group in order to develop Steinitzians of the future. The club has hand picked a group of talented junior players who will be mentored and toughened by experienced club players that have already seen it all and achieved at the highest level. The young players will practise with the club on a regular basis and will also be included in club activities and league games.



It was in November 1976 that 4 high school students came together in Kalksteenfontein a suburb of Bonteheuwel and started playing the odd game against each other. Later in 1977 they decided to form a club. By this time the number had grown to 6.The first members of the club were: Nazeem Majiet (also the first Chairperson), Ebrahim Ortell, Mark Lewis, Jeremy Lewis, Andrew Talmarkes and Norman Macqueen. The first club competition held was won by Norman Macqueen.

Mark Lewis then met Roland Willenberg at Spes Bona High School. This meeting was to be a turning point in the history of the club. Since then the name Willenberg has been synonymous with Steinitz. With the injection of new players came the need to become more structured and in 1978 Steinitz set about having a full blooded competition. Players like Andrew Martin, Raymond Rosenberg and Ivan Fortune also joined and soon we were 13 players. Read more

Steinitz A - Chess WP Premier League Winners - 2018


From left - Ethan Samuels, Mark Lewis, Luan de Jager, Michael James, CM Lyndon Bouah, Craig Willenberg, FM Deon Solomons and CM Andreas de Jager

Steinitz - Winners of Western Cape Club Champs A division and runners up in B division - 2018


Taken at the Awards Ceremony

Steinitz Chess Festival


There was the initial debate on what our name should be. Some members mooted for the name Bonteheuwel chess club but thanks to the visionary foresight the players agreed to the name Steinitz. Ardent chess historians will know that Wilhelm Steinitz was the first officially recognised World Champion. It goes without saying that to date that the club has been pioneers in many aspects both on the board and off it. Read more...


President:  Andrew Talmarkes
Vice President & Head Coach:  Roland Willenberg
Club Captain:  Dr Lyndon Bouah
Finance Director:  Ilze de Kock
Technical Director & Web Master:  Leon de Jager
Communications:  Shaun Willenberg