Top 10 Biggest Blunders Grandmasters Made at Chess

Written by Yury Markushin
I have decided to do a little research and to compile a list of the biggest blunders made by top chess players in the world for last 20 or so years. If you think that 2700 - 2800 rated players and the World Chess Champions don't blunder at all, or if their blunders require a microscope (aka Houdini) to be spotted you definitely need to read this!   Read more...

5 Strange Ways to Get Better at Chess

Written by Yury Markushin
You probably heard many times, from different chess players and coaches that if you want to improve your chess you need to do this, this and that. What if you tried all that and it did not work? Should you get disappointed and give up chess forever? Probably not, and if you're reading this you've made the right choice and keep trying to get better.    Read more...

Chess Heroes honoured on AFRICA DAY

By: Advocate Lyndon Bouah
Every year on the 25 May, Africa Day is celebrated throughout the entire world to commemorate the founding of the Organisation of African Unity (OAU), in 1963, presently known as the African Union. Download Article

Chess Revolution

By: Advocate Lyndon Bouah and assisted by Jacqueline Fritz
In March each year Dr. Ivan Meyer, the Member of the Executive Council (MEC) for Cultural Affairs and Sport for the Western Cape, announces important policy matters. In March 2012 he announced a chess revolution in the Western Cape. In March 2013 he continued this theme.    Read more...

31 Yet Other Chess Facts Most People Don't Know
The original collection of 40 Chess Facts About Chess Most People Don't Know was quite a success.    Read more...

How Popular Is Chess?

AGON, the company set up to organise and promote the commercial activities of the World Chess Championship competition cycle, have issued a press release with the results of a survey about chess.    Read more...

Steinitz Chess Festival


There was the initial debate on what our name should be. Some members mooted for the name Bonteheuwel chess club but thanks to the visionary foresight the players agreed to the name Steinitz. Ardent chess historians will know that Wilhelm Steinitz was the first officially recognised World Champion. It goes without saying that to date that the club has been pioneers in many aspects both on the board and off it. Read more...


President:  Andrew Talmarkes
Vice President & Head Coach:  Roland Willenberg
Club Captain:  Dr Lyndon Bouah
Finance Director:  Ilze de Kock
Technical Director & Web Master:  Leon de Jager
Communications:  Shaun Willenberg